TS MAX - Universal Row Unit

Robust and Flexible

The TS Max rouw unit is made of tensile steel and cast iron, which gives it the hardiness and durability needed to acomplish an excellent seeding performance on a wide range of planting conditions.

The row unit design makes TS Max adaptable to diverse types of frames and different planter configurations.

Precision and High Performance

The design engineering and constructive quality of TS Max, make possible maximize planter performance and seeding quality.

Also, its simple and modular design, allows it to adapt to latest technology components and accessories.

Compatible with narrow row configurations

The total width of 275 mm of the TS Max Row Unit offers maximum flexibility at the time of configuring the planter for different crops and planting conditions.

It is possible to achieve spacings between rows from 35 to 100 cm without resigning robustness or precision. And it is also designed to mount both left and right side transmission.

Main Features:

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